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Chemical Industry

chemical industries corrosion protection


B-Team Corrosion Protection supplies materials for corrosion protection and protection systems for various areas from chemical industry. Our materials are designed to address corrosion problems in steel protection and concrete structures, in a wide variety of field applications where corrosion protection is required.

Our chemists will select the optimal lining system for each case according to the particular prevailing operating systems and specific environmental conditions. Our fully qualified staff will provides you complet engineering and consulting services.

To protect metal parts exposed to a powerful chemical stress we offer you CHEMONIT and CHEMOLINE rubber lining systems. For all rubber lining systems we offer the appropriate bonding systems that are produced in-house.

For an outstanding chemical resistance against mineral acids, bases, organic solvents and aqueous phases we recommand you COROFLAKE, LINING, COROGARD and COROPUR synthetic resin systems

For effective protection of surfaces against hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, caustic soda solutions, methanol, methylene chloride, glycerol, acetates, dyes and urea you can successfully use brick linings and tiling systems, special mortars and screeds.


Specific applications:

  • Chemical storage tanks

  • Synthesis solutions in HCl, H2 SO4

  • Areas for washing drum

  • Pipes, agitators, scrubbers, ventilation

  • Reaction vessels and pressure vessels


High-quality systems for Chemical Industry:


Rubber linings:

Chemoline 4A 

Chemoline 4B 

Chemoline 4CN 

Chemoline 11 

Chemoline 70CN 

Chemoline 5B

Chemoline RT CN

Chemonit 31 HW

Chemoline 3

Chemonit 181 

Chemonit 31

Chemonit 33

Chemonit 35



Synthetic resin coatings:

Coroflake 18 

Coroflake 25 

Coroflake 28 

Linning 64 

Linning 65

Coropur Ferro

Coroflake 650

Corogard 615

Corofloor 682


Special mortars and screeds:

Furadur Cement

Acid Cement AE Acid Cement S50 HF




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