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Electroplating Industry

corrosion protection in plating process


We recommand you CHEMOLINE black soft rubber to ensure equipment protection and corrosion prevention through the plating process. 

Because of excellent chemically resistant against mineral acids, bases, polar solutions, aqueous media, and especially oxidising media like nitric acid, chromic acid and sodium hypochlorite, CHEMOLINE RT can be successfully applied in extreme temperatures, from -40 ° C to +120 ° C. 

CHEMOLINE 70 and CHEMOLINE 70 CN are  widely used in electroplating and particularly where hydrochloric acid is contacted (HCI storage tanks). They develop also an excellent resistance against mineral acids, bases and aqueous phases. 

Reinforced synthetic resin systems LINING 74 and LINING 65 have special properties that gives them a high resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses.

To protect concrete substrates we recommend you to use bricks and stoneware antacids. For a more efficient tiling we provide you antiacids mortars and synthetic resin, such as: epoxy mortar, silicate mortar, furan mortar or vinylester resin (polyester). 

Specific applications:

  • Electroplating tanks

  • Tanks

  • Pickling tanks

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