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Metallurgical industry

corrosion protection in steel production


B-Team Corrosion Protection provide comprehensive solutions and corrosion protection materials for all areas of steel production industries, based on mechanically and thermally resistant materials and lining systems (industrial coatings, epoxy resin, hard and soft rubber, industial floors, acid bricks, plastic components) for steel and concrete structures such as plant, equipment, tanks and pipes.

Hard rubber CHEMONIT 31 and  CHEMONIT 33, based on synthetic rubber ensures corrosion prevention of surfaces and equipment against chemical stress, mechanical and thermal, during the production process.

For a high resistance to impact, we recommend synthetic resins systems LINING 74 and TOPLINE W. They provides ideal corrosion protection to steel and concrete components in chemical tanks and other plant processing apparatus. It is resistant to oxidising acids, dilute alkalies and most chlorinated hydrocarbons.

To protect working areas exposed to heavy traffic and hard wear we recommend brick linings and tiling systems. Brick linings offer abrasive wear protection and increase realiability. 

Metallurgical industry applications include:

  • Antacids floors

  • Furnaces

  • Process equipment

  • Gas channels

  • Electroplating baths

  • Electric arc furnaces


Special corrosion protection materials for Metallurgical Industry :


Rubber linings:

Chemonit 31

Chemonit 33  


Synthetic Resins:

Lining 74

Topline W  


Brick linings and tiling systems


Refractory brick linings and tiling systems


Special mortars and screeds


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