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Ceramic polymer applications


corrosion protection solutions

Tanks and pipes

Due to the remarkable physical properties, ceramic polymer coatings systems provides excellent corrosion protection for tanks and pipes. Polymers products provides corrosion protection against atmospheric influences and long-term UV stability for external metal constructions.

For internal hedges and special tanks or vessels, provide excellent resistance at high operating temperatures and extreme pressure, and for that can be successfully used in the energy industry.

For the storage of highly flammable  we recommend coatings systems with electrostatic dissipation capacity to prevent hazardous explosive reactions that could occur in the presence of oxygen. By integration of special ceramic particles are obtained outstanding isolating properties. 


One of the main factor responsible for biocorrosion are sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB). These microorganisms accelerate corrosion of steel in crude oil tanks and other technical installations, which come in contact with water and organic materials.

Ceramic coatings based confer high resistance to biogas and storage tanks for crude oil and hydrocarbons. Quality coating systems in this case is based on biocide crystals (substances that prevent the growth of microorganisms) chemically incorporated into the polymer matrix. 

Biogas and biomass 

Even after a short operating time, the concrete and steel can suffer extreme damage due to the corrosive chemical attack and biomass. Moreover, the use of herbal and animal waste material can increase the corrosiveness of biomass and biogas plants.

Conventional coating systems for biogas plants provide inadequate corrosion protection. Solvent-based coating products cause, for instance, osmotic blistering and the so-called "washed out concrete" is induced by insufficient acid resistance.

Ceramic polymer  coatings system provides durable protection for fermenters, tanks cleaning, components of biogas plants. These systems can be applied directly onto steel and concrete substrates without the previous use of a primer.

Drinking Water & Foodstuff

Ceramic polymers coatings systems can be successfully applied in food industry, display safety fordrinking water even at high operating temperatures up to 85°C, which is attested by extensive analysis of an independent institute.
Coating systems can be applied safely in:
  • Ships filter drinking water (covering internal and external)
  • Drinking water supply (internal and external coating)
  • Water Towers (inner cover)
  • Pool filters (internal coating)
  • Processing Zone
Our coating systems based on ceramic polymers are tested and approved in accordance physical-chemical and microbiological assessments., without affecting the quality of the food.
Tests & Certificates of independent institutes:
• German standard (KTW) - drinking water approval
• DVGW-W270, growth of microorganisms (biofilm)
• German standards - foodstuff approval, microbiological and physical-chemical analyses
• German standard (KSW) - swimming water approval (open air, indoor, warm whirl-pool)
• Drinking water installations on- and offshore - Folkehelse, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Oslo

Maritime Techniques

Coatings, which are being used for offshore applications have to meet the highest demands. The constantly moist and salt-laden air combined with intensive UV radiation is highly corrosive. Our unconditionally seawater-resistant coating systems enduringly prevent all types of maritime facilities from corrosion and abrasion.
Within the intertidal zone and splash zone, the oxygen content of the sea water is increased due to currents and waves. Hence, the corrosion process is enormously accelerated by constantly moving water. In addition, severe mechanical abrasion results from flowing water. For this field of application we provide ideal protection.
Ceramic polymer coating successfully meet these requirements and provides a reliable protection for a long time. They can be used in freshwater tanks, ballast water tanks,  pipes, filters.


Protection systems based on ceramic polymers exhibit a resistance against aggressive chemicals, at elevated operating temperatures. Our innovative, solvent-free 2-component coatings with silanized high-tech micro and nano particle filling are based on the newest multifunctional and hybrid epoxy novolac resins. These coating systems are specifically devised for extremely aggressive environments.
Ceramic polymer properties:
• Extreme adhesion > 30 N / mm ²
• Excellent chemical resistance to acids and alkalis solutions
• Excellent chemical resistance against corrosive gases
• Easy application and solvent-free coating
• Direct application without previous use of a primer
For aggressive chemicals, a secondary barrier protection is essential. Tanks and basins with hazardous substances, whether they are outdoors or in a storage building, need protection against chemicals. Steel and concrete substrates in this case required additional protection.

Concrete application

Concrete surfaces require an additional coating applied to ensure the smooth functioning over time. Weather conditions, air pollution, chemical attacks induces corrosion in concrete while destroying it in different ways. Also anaerobe microorganisms (sulfate reducing bacteria - SRB) provoke fatal concrete erosions by the excretion of hydrogen sulfide.

Our coatings are applied directly onto clean and blasted concrete without previous use of a primer.

Flooring systems

The flooring systems of Ceramic Polymer GmbH provide outstanding physical properties by integrating ceramic- and other special particles in the polymer matrix of the liquid coating products. The demands for industrial floors are placed on extreme load capacity, skid-proof surface or highly thermal and chemical
resistance. Our products satisfy or exceed these standards in its entirety.

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