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Rubber Lining Services

servicii cauciucare protectii anticorozive


Do you want one full team to provide the entire job of applying anti-corrosion protections? Nothing easier. Our applicator team is available for you and we guarantee the meeting of quality standards irrespective of your industry.

Depending on your needs, we will set together: team size, team member specialization and the time needed for project completion. You thus get safety and efficiency. Contact us now and let's see together what team you need to do your project!

Rubber lining application for anti-corrosion protection

We perform rubber lining applications on site and in our shop, adapted to conditions specific to each project. With rubber linings, you protect industrial equipment and plants against corrosion, mechanical and thermal stress, enhancing their resistance and extending their life span.

For on-site rubber lining application we use hot-cured or self-curing rubber. Rubber linings can also be performed by hot autoclave curing. On-site applications can also be performed in precured elastomer film.

In situations where chemical and mechanical stress conditions are lower, anti-corrosion protection systems based on resins and fillings can be selected and applied, whereas under high mechanical stress conditions acid-proof jackets with mortars and special bricks are used.

You benefit from the advantages of rubber lining anti-corrosion protection as applied on:

  • storage tanks,
  • gas scrubbers,
  • pipes, valves, cocks,
  • fittings, wagons, chemical tankers,
  • flue gas desulfurization plants (FGD),
  • waste incineration plants,
  • drinking water treatment plants.

We are there for you to help you select the optimum technical solution, understand corrosion and abrasion factors, understand the impact of environmental conditions (pressure, moisture, temperature).

In our processes, we use the right materials for the job, the adequate adhesive system, as well as a technical team specialized in applying rubber lining anti-corrosion protection at a quality level conforming to ISO 9001:2008.

Contact us now and let's find together the right solution for your project!


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