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No matter your industry, we respond quickly with adequate solutions and a specialized team with over 15 years of experience.

We take pride in our customers and partners and, most of all, in fulfilling our commitments.

For your special and unique applications, we endeavor to identify the best solution for you and to ensure the benefits you are looking for: 

  • Maximize efficiency on site with one dedicated team that will provide a complete service of anti-corrosion protection application.
  • On time and complete project delivery at competitive prices
  • Optimum performance of all application operations, by supervision and management of all works by our team
  • Preliminary and intermediate reports on equipment status
  • Reduced costs and enhanced safety
  • Efficient protection for both new and in-service structures
  • High quality and high-efficiency materials fit for any surface
  • “One-time job” - depending on applied products, you have the guarantee of durability


We have available full services for applying anti-corrosion protections that would most efficiently meet the requirements of your projects:

  • Rubber lining for anti-corrosion protection
  • Acid-proof lining
  • Complex resin application (sandblasting, painting, lining)
  • Special acid-proof painting
  • Permanent services of repairs and maintenance for anti-corrosion protections on existing plants and equipment

Contact us now and let's find the best solution for you. Our teams of applicators and advisers are here to offer the results you are waiting for.


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Rubber lining application for anti-corrosion protection

By lining with rubber, we protect your equipments and industrial installations against chemical corrosion.

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Acid resistant coating services

Acid resistant bricks linings and tiling systems with acid proof bricks and also combined complex systems, resistant to the action of aggressive chemical agents.

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Complex resin application

We offer you a complete range of acid proof materials based on polymers for industrial installations protection. 

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Special acid-proof paintings application

  To protect the metallic structures, we apply the coating, based on polymers epoxy, vinyl ester, novolac, fille or simple, inside or outside. 

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Technical maintenance services

All the necessary activities required by periodic maintenance of the equipment’s corrosion protection system. 

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On-site rubber lining application for anti-corrosion protection

Rubber lining for anti-corrosion protection can be applied at the operating site

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