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Food Industry

Corrosion protection in food and beverage industry


B-Team Corrosion Protection offers complete solutions providing corrosion protection for food processing plants. The composition of jointless lining systems comply with most food laws so that they are highly appropriate for use in the food processing industry.

To protect equipments in food industries, we recommend you CHEMOLINE and CHEMONIT rubber coatings. Soft rubber lining systems are suitable for use in food and beverage industry where the greatest chemical (salts and organic acids) and thermal resistance is demanded. Can be successfully used in food production industry, in milk processing industry, brewing and juice industry.

Synthetic resin coatings COROFLAKE 650 FDA and REMACOAT FDA have the consumer goods regulations for foodstuffs and approval release for use in contact with dry foods, that can be used with confidence to protect surfaces areas from food processing and water treatment. 

For manufacturing pipes with good corrosion resistance in the food industry we recommend Thermoplastic piping and duroplastics materials (PVC, PE) reinforced with C-glass / E-glass / ECR glass, carbon fibres, or synthetic fibres.

For external protection installations and equipment you use paints coating based on synthetic resins, with a high-performance corrosion protection, flake filled for superior permeation resistance.

All systems ensure smooth and impenetrable surface is dirt-repellent, hygienic and particularly easy to clean.


Typical applications in the food industry include::

  • Storage Tanks for starch production

  • Pots and containers

  • Sterilizers

  • Processing zones

  • Floors

  • Water treatment systems

  • Fermenters for the brewing industry

Special materials for Food Industry:


Rubber linings:

Chemoline 4CN

Chemoline 12 Chemonit 181


Special mortars and screeds:

Acid Cement AE







Synthetic resins:

Coroflake 650

Remacoat FDA  




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