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Epoxy resin coatings

corrosion protection epoxy resins

Epoxy coating

We recommend you epoxy resin, fiberglass resin, phenolic resin, acrylic resin, polyurethane resin to ensure effective corrosion protection of metallic componenets against aggresive media under immersion condition. They are used to protect both metal and concrete surfaces against corrosion and abrasive media at high temperature conditions. 
Novolac hybrid, epoxy, epoxy phenol, novolac epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, novolac vinyl ester offer exceptionally good resistance against most solvents, organic and inorganic acids as well as alkaline media, and ensure corrosion prevention and protection for a long period off time.
Synthetic resins coat can be applied by spray, trowel or roller in one or more layers, to ensure effective corrosion protection.

Epoxy coating resins application:

  • Decanters, compactor

  • Storage tanks, gas ducts, process tanks

  • Vessels, reaction towers, gas scrubbers

  • Chemical processing areas

  • Chemical storage areas

  • Ultra-clean rooms, food processing areas

  • Heavy traffic area

The advantages of epoxy resin coating:

  • Permanent chemical resistance and imperviousness

  • Permanent thermal stability

  • Permanent mechanical load-bearing capacity

  • High resistance to chemical stresses

  • Adhesion to substrate (steel, concrete)

  • Anti-adhesion and decontamination properties

  • Crack-bridging capacity (concrete substrate)

  • Low permeability

Perfectly suited as a corrosion protection system for concrete and steel structural in chemical industry, food industry, power industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment plants, waste incineration stations, transportations, industrial works and steel industry.


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Synthetic resins - Coroflake

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