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Synthetic resins - Lining

Topline lining system provides excellent crack bridging capabilities along with good general corrosion resistance for most conditions in chemical processes, like organic acids, bleaching lyes, sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite. Through its unique properties, Topline Lining is designed for both steel and concrete applications.

Suitable for components in food, pharmaceutical and pulp industry installations.



Polymer / Filler / Reinforcing: Bisphenol-A vinyl ester / 2 glass mats / 1 surface tissue / Silica
Chemically resistant against: Organic acids, alkalis and hypochlori
Continuous use temperature: 80° C wet (without insulation), 120° C dry
Applications / Miscellaneous:  Suitable for components in chemical and pulp industry installations



Polymer / Filler / Reinforcing:  Novolac vinyl ester / 2 glass mats / 1 surface tissue / Silica 
Chemically resistant against: Organic and inorganic acids, aliphatic and aromatic solvents.
Continuous use temperature: 80° C wet (without insulation), 160° C dry
Applications / Miscellaneous: Crack-bridging laminate coating.



Polymer / Filler / Reinforcing:  Bisphenol-A vinyl ester / 1 glass mat / silica and aluminium oxide
Chemically resistant against: Acids, alkalis and suspensions 
Continuous use temperature: 75° C wet (without insulation)
Applications / Miscellaneous: For installations subject to a high level of abrasion


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