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Polymer / Filler / Reinforcing:

Diphenylmethane-diisocyanate (isomers and homologues) / Mixture of polyoxyalkylamines 

Chemically resistant against: Dilute acids (inorganic and organic) and alkalis, various types of oil, as well as aqueous phases at 50° C (wet).
Continuous use temperature: 50° C wet / -40° C...+130° C (short-term 150° C) dry
Applications / Miscellaneous: The special formulation of REMACOAT FR enables it to fulfil the requirements of ÖNORM B 3800 Parts 1 and 2 for flame retardant B1, drop formation Tr1 and smoke intensity Q1. The classification B1 makes REMACOAT FR especially suitable as flame retardant surface protection in the construction industry.

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